Are you interested in becoming a patroller?

There are several parts to becoming a patroller.  

One part is completing an Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Course.  This course teaches you to access an injury or illness and render emergent first aid until the person can get to definitive care.  The Cascade Mountain Ski Patrol OEC course typically begins in April and ends in July each year.  This course is usually held on Thursday nights on the east side of Madison.  You will also need to complete a CPR course during this time.  Attendance at each week's course is mandatory.

Another part of your training is called Patroller 101.  This course begins on November  with a classroom session in which you learn about the history of NSP, how to dress for the weather, and things that are important to management and your patrol.  Patroller 101 then continues as soon as we can be on the hill.  At that time you work on ski or boarding proficiency, and into learning to run and handle toboggan's for patient transport off of the hill.  The first Tuesday night that we can be on the hill will be an assessment of your skiing/boarding proficiency.  The training team will then decide if your skills are strong enough to go the path of toboggan training this year, or you need to work strictly on skiing/boarding skills.  Training is typically on Tuesday nights and goes from November thru the first part of March.

For the 2024-2025 season, we'll be starting OEC class will start in April 2024 and Patroller 101 in when the hill opens in November/December.   

There are many great benefits to being a patroller, including meeting new people and making some great friendships, having a family activity to do during the winter months, and maybe most of all, helping people.

If you are interested in becoming a patroller, the first step is to download and fill out the application and submit it to the email address included on the application.  We will then contact you and answer any other questions you might have.  

Benefits to Patrolling

  • Having a great family activity.
  • Helping people.
  • Meeting new people, making new friends.
  • Proform Discounts!

Do you have questions about patrol, or want more information?  Contact us here.

Our OEC Class and Instructors