Cascade Patrollers Advance Towards Senior

Congratulations to our fine group of Cascade Patrollers for their success on the journey to attaining Senior status.  Tim Heckman, Mike Tuski, James Shoemaker, Ryan Sharpee, Andrew "Thor" Mathews, and Grace Wall all passed the OEC component that was held at our hill last Saturday.  Craig Billings, having passed the toboggan and OEC portion last season, made the drive to Granite Peak to successfully complete the ski proficiency component making him a Senior Alpine Patroller.  Thanks to all the people on our patrol who helped with the hours of training and practice in support of their fellow patrollers.  A big thank you to Keith Poulsen who coordinated the OEC test for the South Central Region.

Thank you everyone for supporting our Cascade Mountain Patrol family.

Dick and Gretchen