Mid Summer Update

Summer Greetings Cascade Patrollers,

We're hoping that in a few short months it will be about 80 degrees colder and the snow guns will be on max.  For now let's stay safe and avoid practicing our heat stroke care that seems silly to train for in OEC refreshers.  Speaking of OEC I'd like to congratulate and welcome 19 new Patrollers who passed their OEC exam this past week.  They get to wear the red coat or vest and a couple are already Alpine Patrollers having passed the OET portion last season.  Names are listed below.  Note a few familiar names...Small, Truchan, and Hammes.  Multi generations on our patrol is a good thing.  Thank you to Toni, Tara, and the rest of the instructors and helpers who sheparded this class through their training on Thursday nights since mid-April.  Their dedication is terrific and obviously we need to continue to build our patrol for the future.

Ericka Davis                    Annette May               Steve Ploch              Zac Roberts

Julianna Hammes            J. McClennan              Morgan Small           Brian Kerska

Amelia Hoffbeck              Jason Meinhardt          Olivia Swartz             Michael Wolfe

Ann Jonker                     Max Milaitis                 Aiden Truchan          Scott Cobbs

Noah Lazarra                  Ricky Perrault              Patrick Bok

The on-line portion of our fall OEC refresher is now live.  Below are instructions you should have received via email on 19 July.  I haven't completed it yet, but I hear it is improved from last year's version.  If you are having trouble contact me or Gretchen and we'll try to get you answers.  Be sure to save the completion certificate.

To enroll:

  1. Log into nsp.org and use your username and password.
  2. Click on Center for Learning at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on the Yellow Browse Catalog Button.
  4. Click on Featured Learning.
  5. Enroll in the Online Modules.
  6. Navigate to the Blue Learning Center button to launch the course.

Speaking of refreshers you all should know by now that these are set for the upcoming season.  The instructor refresher weekend is 9-10 September and the patrol refresher is 14-15 October.  In both cases Chair Evac is on Saturday and OEC is on Sunday.  More information on each is forthcoming.  If you know you can't make the patrol refreshers contact me or Gretchen as soon as possible.  There are options, but we need to know your situation.

Finally, there are changes happening at Cascade.  The hill is putting rentable structures called Cabanas near the top of the Cindy Pop Express lift.  These should relieve some of the congestion in the upper parking lot.  Our Roost is likely to be relocated and replaced to make room for the unloading area at the top of the JL2 lift. 

Looking forward to a great season.

Dick and Gretchen