Signing up for Toboggan Refreshers

Hello Patrollers: Please see this important note from Pat Kelly, our Instructor of Record for the toboggan refreshers:

We plan to start toboggan refreshers on your shift starting Monday 12 December. If you will not be on your regular shift from the 12th to the 18th, it is your responsibility to let your crew chief know, and to also make arrangements to refresh with another shift. I will also need to hear from those who will not be running toboggans this year, even if you did not run toboggans last year and the reason has not changed.

Here are directions to navigate the NSP site to register. You must register by December 11

Student Steps to Finding a Course. There are no longer course numbers in the new Learning Management System. So, here's the new process. 

1. Log in to the NSP Member Site. Click on NSP Center for Learning.

2. Go to the Yellow “Browse Catalog” button on the homepage of NSP Center for Learning.

3. Type in the course in the search catalog you wish to find, “Toboggan Refresher”. Click the search symbol.

4. Scroll down until you see Toboggan Refresher then click enroll

5. Once you click “enroll”, you will be required to choose a session. 

6. Scroll down until you see, “Toboggan Refresher-Cascade Mountain”

7. Click Select

8. Scroll down to bottom of page then click Submit. You will be registered.

 Let me know if any questions.

Pat Kelly