Points Program FAQs


Q: How do the vouchers work? How do I get them, and can I give them to my friends?

A1: In order to turn your points into vouchers, you will go to the employee window - it's the little window left of the ticket window in the main lodge. Ask to transfer your points into the type of voucher(s) you would like (lift ticket, tubing, rental, tuneup). Please note that it's important for us to be mindful of the office staff time: they need to help customers first, so your best bet is to turn points into vouchers during a not-too-busy time. If you know that all you want is lift ticket vouchers, then find a time when the office isn't swamped, and cash in all your points for lift ticket vouchers. Also, if you're getting more than one type of voucher, please know exactly what you're getting ahead of time. 

A2: Once you have your vouchers, they are similar to the incentive passes. If you have a voucher for skiing, and you give that voucher to someone, s/he brings that voucher to the window for a lift ticket. You do not need to be with that person or the voucher. 

Q: Are my incentive passes from last year still good, and since we're now cashless, do I still pay a dollar when I use them? 

A: Yes, the paper incentive passes are still good until their expiration date. The $1 fee will be waived. 

Q: Can I sell my vouchers? 

A: No. Selling a voucher is grounds for termination.

Q: Can I see how many points I have? 

A: Not at this time, but you can guesstimate based on how many shifts/hours you've patrolled. Remember, though, that there may be some shifts that yield higher points. For example, during the week between Christmas and New Years, we might offer a points incentive program for full shifts worked; so, if a typical day shift earns 80 points, then during a high need shift, we may offer 120+ points per shift. 

Q: Do my ticket vouchers carry over to next season? 

A: They do not. Your ticket vouchers will expire at the end of this season. 

Q: Do my points carry over to next season? 

A: If you have > 100 points, you can carry them over to the next season, or you can turn in those points for a tune-up voucher, which is good until Nov 1 2023.

Q: Will I start next season with points? 
A: Yes, each patroller in good standing* will start the season with points, just as they did this season. Those who were able to carry over points from this season will have 100 more points. 

* a patroller in good standing has met the training and minimum hours requirements