Toboggan Trainers Workshop (TTW) and Toboggan Instructor Refresher

We have our date set and this email is to get you all registered for the TTW and Instructor Refresher. The two classes will be Sunday 12/11/2022. Please be at the hill and ready to go by 9:30 AM as we want to be on the hill refreshing soon after. 

There are two classes you need to register for on the NSP site. 

You need to register before 12/11/2022, not the morning of, so 12/10/2022 or earlier. With the NSP website having frequent shutdowns register now.

For the toboggan refresher this is the link, Toboggan Refresher - Cascade Mountain Ski Patrol-Instructors

For TTW this is the link, Toboggan Trainers Workshop - Cascade Mountain

Please register for both.

Here are directions to navigate the NSP site

Student Steps to Finding a Course. There are no longer course numbers in the new Learning Management System. So, here's the new process. 

  1. Log in to the NSP Member Site. Click on NSP Center for Learning.
  2. Go to the Yellow “Browse Catalog” button on the homepage of NSP Center for Learning.
  3. Type in the course in search catalog you wish to find, for example, “Toboggan Trainers Workshop”.
  4. Choose the course
  5. Once you click “enroll”, you will be required to choose a session. 
  6. Scroll down until you see, Toboggan Trainers Workshop - Cascade Mountain
  7. Click Select
  8. Scroll down to bottom of page then click Submit.

Repeat for Toboggan Refresher.

Enough for this email as there will be more information coming out.

Let me know if any questions.

Pat Kelly