Patroller Pass Info

Hello Cascade Patrollers, 

The last email, sent just awhile ago, had a link that did not work. Above is the updated, working link for signing up for your passes. Please purchase your pass and any family passes you need as soon as possible, and no later than Thanksgiving. As we discussed at the refresher, this year we no longer decide between a Buddy Pass and a Family Pass; instead, you can use points to obtain season passes and/or vouchers for tickets, rentals, and tune-ups. The Points Program PDF describes the point value for each item. Should you choose to use your points to purchase a season pass for someone, there is still a $5 fee for the cost of the pass card, just like previous years.

As you purchase your family pass(es) your points will be deducted according to each pass you purchase. Therefore, you might decide to get some, but not all, of your family a season pass. For example, if you have two teenagers and a spouse, but your spouse only skis once per year, you would purchase the Junior Passes, and then use your points for a voucher for your spouse, when s/he comes to ski. Or, if you used the Buddy Pass in past years, you'll probably want to just trade in your points for lift ticket vouchers. Please remember that the vouchers are never for sale. 

Ultimately, this new points system is much easier and more beneficial for the whole patrol, but as this is a new program, there will be a lot of questions and issues that come up. We're happy to answer any questions you have. 

  • On the landing page, click the "Ski Patrol" tile and purchase your own pass first
  • If you're purchasing any family passes, please remember children need an updated picture

If you need the link or have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact Gretchen at