Passing of Randy Witt

Our fellow patroller Randy Witt (Friday Days) passed away yesterday.  Many of you know he successfully dealt with a bout of lung cancer about 10 years ago and had intended to patrol this season.  Unfortunately his cancer returned recently with a vengeance.  Our condolences to his family and to the many patrollers who loved Randy's smile, sense of humor, and service to our patrol.  He was an OEC and toboggan instructor, had served in some Region positions, and was a PD at a prior hill.  Probably many other accolades such as a National number, Senior Alpine Patroller Status, and mentor to many.

It is our understanding that there will not be any public services at this time, but that a celebration of life will be held at some point next spring when the warm weather returns.  When we have more information about the family wishes and memorials we will pass that on.  Randy will be missed. 

Dick and Gretchen