OEC 2022 Online Refresher - UPDATED

Dear Patrollers,

Please see the following message from Keith Poulsen and Tara Bachmman regarding the online OEC Refresher:

Happy Summer! Time to think about ski patrol.

WARNING Start doing the OEC Online Refresher soon. The refresher takes several hours to complete and you cannot register for the hands-on skills refresher on 10/9/22 without completion of the online component.

The new system does take time to go through and you can start and stop at any time. Many patrollers have done 1 hour at a time.

You do NOT need to send the completion certificate to us because it is a pre-requisite to register for the hands-on.

You can NOT participate in the hands-on component if you are not registered.

Keith and Tara

Instructions for accessing the online OEC Refresher: