Congratulations To Our 2022 OEC Class!

We now have 15 new patrollers. Please join us in welcoming Craig Billings, Steve Boeder, Dan Brunson, Kevin Cherek, Scott Duttkin, Max Ertl, Logan Gesteland, CC Girard, Zaid Hamilton, Mariana Marques De Almeida, Chris Schelm, Nic Schneider, Ryan Sharpee, James Shoemaker, and Erik Truchan,
Congratulations all of you!

Also, we can't thank enough Toni Antonie and Tara Bachman, the OEC IORs enough for running such an excellent class. The class was efficient yet thorough, and with 100% passing rate.
Additionally, Thank you to all the patrollers and instructors who came (some every week) to help us get here. We certainly can't do any of this without so many great patrollers stepping up to help out.

Gretchen & Dick