Summer Greetings

Yes, it hardly seems we've put the 21-22 season to bed and now we're gearing up for the 22-23 season.  Planning is already underway for our refreshers and the OEC class is in its final stretch.  As usual a lot of details are available now and many will be coming in future emails.  A few timely points that everyone needs to hear about are contained in this email.  Please read carefully and follow through as needed.

- Let us know at this time if you plan to NOT patrol at Cascade for the 22-23 season.  Besides retiring, patrollers have the option to go inactive or join the NSP Alumni.  If you go inactive you still need to attend the OEC refresher and pay full dues for the upcoming season.  Please let both me and Gretchen know this, as well as any of the items below where we are looking for your response.   

- Reminder that the dates of the Chair Evac and OEC refreshers are 8 and 9 October, respectively.  These of course are mandatory.  All patrollers must attend the Chair Evac refresher.  We want you there on the 8th.  There will likely be a "makeup" refresher later this fall, but DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to attend the 8th.  Please let me and Gretchen know if you will miss the 8 October Chair Evac refresher.  Some of you have already indicated you have a conflict that day and I ask that these folks please send me and Gretchen a short email to confirm you will still miss the Chair Evac refresher.  Similarly we would like all our patrollers to attend the OEC refresher.  Secondary patrollers must attend the Cascade refresher at least every other year.  If you will miss the OEC refresher please let us know.  A list of other refreshers in the area will be available later this summer.

-  Tell me and Gretchen if you plan to patrol your same 21-22 shift in 22-23.  If you are looking to switch to another shift, you need to let us know so that we can fill out the schedule.  Again, some of you have already asked, but please send us an email to confirm.

-  Please respond to any of these requests above by 1 August.

-  We are looking for volunteers for the final practical OEC exam on 23 July.  A reminder to those of you who were short on hours for the past will need to make up that time before you will receive your patroller benefits for the 22-23 season.  The time spent for the OEC practical exam will count toward this deficit.  Contact Tara Bachman at for details.

Keep an eye on your email for more messages in the future.  It's going to be another great season.

Dick and Gretchen