Attendance Policy

Being a CMSP Patroller is an important job. Cascade Mountain management, the skiing public, and your fellow crew members are counting on you to serve on your shift. The minimum requirement is: to work your shift and be on-time, every time.  Poor attendance and tardiness by a few patrollers, has made it necessary for the board to create and enforce this written attendance policy. Serving on your scheduled shift is a minimum requirement. Patrolling on extra shifts is strongly encouraged.


For the last five years, we have been using shift planner and posting missed shifts on the bulletin board.  We have some guidelines in the policies and procedures that state upon missing the third shift their will be a review by the patrol representative and board.


Beginning this year, we will have a firm written attendance policy with stated consequences which is laid out below.  This has been discussed at numerous ski patrol board meetings, and this is what has been agreed upon by the Board.


Shift Planner gives you a tool for requesting a sub on a shift you know you can not attend.  There are always multiple people looking for subs, usually stating what shifts they can take in return.  But, you have to put some effort into making the trade.  It is not acceptable to just put out the trade request and hope someone takes it.  Make the effort to actually “trade” with another patroller.


When you miss  a third shift during any one season without making prior arrangements to make them up, you will loose your privileges until all three missed shifts are made up.  This includes family passes, guest passes, incentive passes, and meal coupons.  Missing the fourth shift will result in dismissal from the patrol.  Privileges may also be suspended due to habitual lateness.


Make-up shifts must be completed during a high need time and must be for a complete shift.  The following shifts will qualify for making up your shift.

  • Monday thru Sunday day shift
  • Friday night
  • Saturday night
  • Saturday swing shift
  • Sunday swing shift


Some examples of how this will work

  • Going to be gone: work out a trade with someone—nothing happens. Even if you do this 4 times or more.   It must be done thru shift planner, and putting in the notes that you subbed for someone does not qualify.
  • Miss 2 times during the season, without getting someone to sub for you: nothing happens.
  • Miss 3 times, without getting someone to sub for you: loss of privileges until shifts are made up. If your privileges are suspended, it will continue into the next year, until the shifts are made up.
  • Miss 4 times, with no attempt to makeup shifts: dismissal from patrol.


Exceptions may be granted if you are injured, deployed to active military duty, missing because of a health reason, attending a patrol event at another hill, or other extenuating circumstances and it is conveyed to the Patrol Representative prior to missing the shift.  Communication is key!

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